Mergers and Acquisitions

Partner with us to identify and execute strategic growth opportunities

An ever-changing business environment fosters opportunities for growth and expansion. If you need to evaluate business mergers and acquisitions transactions, our M&A experts guide you through the end-to-end process of identifying, selecting, and successfully executing a business deal.

Our team comprises professional accountants and tax law experts, and we collaborate with legal professionals to perform a comprehensive analysis on mergers and acquisitions opportunities.

We Make Complex Mergers and Acquisitions Simple

Our finance and accounting professionals rely on extensive research, strategic partnerships, and our years of experience to help your business grow through effective mergers and acquisitions transactions.

We work with our clients to help them understand the accounting and taxation impacts that mergers and acquisitions deals can have on their businesses. At Peters, Brown, our financial experts treat every client’s M&A project with respect and confidentiality, and we offer custom solutions to your business’s needs.

Our Mergers and Acquisition Services

Tax and Legal Consultation

A business consolidation or divestiture results in tax and legal implications, which can be complex. Our experts evaluate proposed deals to determine if they are an excellent strategic fit and identify the potential taxation impact on your business. We offer consultations on structuring your business’s reorganization, mergers, or acquisitions to comply with your taxation strategies.

Manage your business’s finances and taxes effectively by working with our team. We help you unfold the tax layers associated with a potential business sale, buy-out, or acquisition. We partner with highly skilled and experienced legal practitioners to assist you with your mergers and acquisitions process.

Business Plan Strategies

We conduct in-depth analyses using financial models and other accounting tools to identify synergies and growth potentials in your M&A proposals. Whether your business wants to acquire or merge with another company, we help you evaluate the possible scenarios and identify value propositions in various deals.

The resources and time your business spends on business reorganization need to yield positive results in the short and long term. We work with you to ensure a thorough overview of your business plan and how strategic M&A decisions can improve profitability. We forecast the financial synergies and potential increase in business value from potential mergers and acquisitions.

Research and Due Diligence

Any successful merger and acquisition deal must involve comprehensive research and a due diligence process. We help your business conduct in-depth market research to identify and gather resourceful information to aid a successful business sale or acquisition.

Our team is proficient in leading successful M&A transactions. Each of us effectively communicates and works closely with our clients to review the financial information and audited reports of potential businesses before completing a merger or an acquisition.

We offer combined services for our clients to experience the best transaction process for a business sale, acquisition, or merger.