Business Advisory

Innovative solutions to achieve your business’s performance objectives

The proficient and experienced team at Peters, Brown partners with our clients to offer business advisory services that provide solutions to their operational and strategic business needs. We break down high-level business problems into smaller bits and apply our analytical skills to proffer the most effective solutions.

We have a diverse team of experienced professional accountants who specialize in helping our clients navigate complex business transactions and decisions.

Business Advisory Expertise

We offer valuable business advisory services for businesses in major industries. Our team supports your business’s strategic plans through solutions centered around business planning, corporate finance, performance management, and business process improvement.

Performance Management

We are market leaders in evaluating business performance for companies across diverse industries—our expertise cuts across businesses and non-profit organizations. At Peters, Brown, we identify cost minimization strategies to help our clients engage in more efficient practices.

For businesses experiencing roadblocks for growth and increase in revenue, we help you assess your current business model and proffer profit maximization solutions. Our finance experts provide clients with cost-effective business plans to aid growth and profitability.

Corporate Finance

As financial experts with proven years of experience, we support our clients through corporate finance decisions on capital expenditures, business divestitures, acquisitions, and financing transactions. Our collaborative team evaluates the financial and accounting impact on investment decisions and how financing transactions impact your business ownership structure.

We conduct feasibility studies and broad market assessments to identify our clients’ best strategic business funding opportunities. Our team ensures that your capital allocations are efficient and effective.

Business Planning

Our business and accounting professionals support your business through business planning processes. We develop financial models to evaluate strategic plans and decisions’ short and long-term financial impact.

Our key capabilities include reviewing proposed business plans through an extensive process. We analyze operational and tactical strategies to assess how they align with your overall organizational objectives.

Process Improvement

A business process improvement engagement with our team can elevate your accounting and business functions allowing for effective use of resources to achieve your business’s goals and objectives. We identify innovative and efficient ways your business can operate, and we help you streamline your processes.

We evaluate your current business processes and propose actionable improvement solutions that enable your business to focus on core growth-centered operations.

Our Value Proposition

Peters, Brown financial consultants are customer-centric; we prioritize our clients’ business needs and dedicate our resources to support your strategic business goals. Our innovative corporate finance solutions help our clients through business reorganization and performance improvement projects.

For over 100 years, we have supported clients through significant business changes. Our business advisory team assists our clients through financing transactions needed for expansion while identifying optimal solutions that align with effective tax strategies. With expertise and professionalism, we help businesses overcome growth and profitability challenges.